NGK performing

Remembering Singapore 2017

This video is full of great memories of our trip to Singapore in October 2017 to sing two concerts in grand Esplanade Concert Hall. Tour produced by LichaStelausProductions and supported by ChenterFoundation.

Charpentier - Prelude from Te Deum

NGK performing Charpentier’s Prelude from Te Deum adapted for choir by Maestro Bjørn Moe during the 2017 Trondheim Christmas Concerts in the Nidaros Cathedral.

Kling no klokka

NGK performing a splendid arrangement of the Norwegian Christmas tune “Kling no klokka” (Sound the bell) by Gordon Thornett during the 2017 Trondheim Christmas Concerts in the Nidaros Cathedral.

Nå tennes tusen julelys

NGK’s 2017 Christmas video featuring the beloved Norwegian Christmas tune “Nå tennes tusen julelys” (1000 Christmas lights are lit") together with fiolinist Arve Tellefsen.
Produced by SPÆTT film.

Den Fyrste Song Eg Høyra Fekk

Music video showing NGK on tour through scenic Norway. The song is very dear to Norwegians as it describes the first song the mother sang to her child. Soloists choristers are Haakon Sørby and Ingmar Fottland.

The Lord Bless you and keep you

Music video of NGK rehearsing the song by composer John Rutter. The video shows the choir’s rehearsal tradition with a socializing food break for all choristers.

We wish you a merry christmas

2016 Christmas video featuring the internationally popular Christmas song “We wish you a merry Christmas” in the Nidaros Cathedral.

Stille Natt

NGK performing Stille Natt (Silent Night) in Berlin Cathedral during NGK’s Christmas tour to Germany.

NGK live performance


Day trip to Kristiansund

This video shows a backstage view of the choir travelling to the town of Kristiansund where it performed the closing concert of the Kristiansund Kirke Kunst Kultur Festival.

Behind the scenes of a royal visit

This video shows the preparations that go into the choir singing during a royal visit to the Nidaros cathedral. This was shot during the Royal Family’s visit in honor of the reformation jubily in November 2017.

NGK’s Warm up procedure

Special peek into the warm up routine of the Nidaros Cathedral Boys' Choir preparing for the first concert of the 2017 christmas season in Ørland church.

Behind the scenes of a Cathedral concert

Join the choristers in their preparations for the highlight of each year: the christmas concerts in the cathedral. Every year, the boys sing 5 sold-out concerts in the Nidaros Cathedral alone.