The boys singing in Nidarosdomens Boys’ Choir are normal boys who go to many different schools in the greater Trondheim area, love to play football and play video-games. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Voice warm up prior to the concert is key for a great concert.

Every year during our summer camp, the boys try to establish a new record of how many marshmallows they can eat… 450.

There is always time for soccer… Always!

Every boy rehearses at least 8 hours every week, over the course of 3 rehearsals…

Singing in the boys’ choir has many perks - one of them is getting to know all the secret rooms in the cathedral!

The boys in their natural environment - in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.

Our boys get to see the world - every year we go on 2-3 international tours!

Only happy faces on tours!

There always someone goofing off…

… told you!

After all the hours in rehearsals and touring the world we became friends quickly!

We love to get to know other boys’ choirs all over the world!

We are used to sing in cathedrals, …

… in concert halls …

… and even on oil platforms!