Nidaros Cathedral Boys’ Choir

Nidarosdomens Guttekor (NGK), the Nidaros Cathedral Boys’ Choir, is one of the leading boys’ choirs in Europe and with its over 900-year tradition also the oldest boys’ choir in Norway. By regularly participating in the cathedral services, giving a multitude of concerts, tours all around the world, and CD and TV recordings, the choir is an essential part of the music tradition at Norway’s most famous cathedral.

But the choir is also maintaining a high activity outside its hometown: as a cultural ambassador the boys regularly participates in both national and international events representing the city and the Cathedral. The choir travels regularly: two to three international tours alternating trips to Europe and the US are normal.
During the annual Christmas tour the choir travels to one or more of the European cities before returning to Oslo and Trondheim to give the popular Christmas concerts.


Choir OrganisatioN

The Nidaros Boys Choir is Norways oldest boys choir and continues a 900 years old tradition of boy choir singing in the Nidaros Cathedral. The choirs as an organization is now independent from the church, but the famous cathedral Nidarosdomen is still its main concert arena.

The choir consists of both boys and adult men, around 65 boys aged 9-15 and 30 adult men voices. All choir activity is evenly distributed over four rehearsals during the afternoons and weekends, allowing the choristers to attend schools and workplaces just every other Norwegian.

Sopranos and altos are recruited from the choir’s own training choir, while most of the men’s voices are former boy choristers.

The choir’s intention is to keeping the choristers singing as long as possible, with good results: many of the adult singers have over 20 and 30 years of experience in the choir.

The choir’s staff has acquired considerable knowledge on the changing voice and how to help boys develop a healthy technique that allows them to sing as long as possible.


The choir has an extended repertoire, reaching from the daily liturgy in the Cathedral’s services, to traditional boys’ choir works, to newly written music. The choir contributes tremendously to the musical diversity in Norway by premiering major works each year.

Conductor Bjørn Moe carefully arranges the concert programmes for every tour. He pays special attention to the selection of both works by local composers as well as Norwegian and international composers.

The choir is known for performing music that is both challenging and less known at the destination. The concert choir consists of 45 active boys’ and 25 adult men’s voices.

As a gift to the region and in order to challenge the choristers each year anew, the choir sets up at least one big concert every year.

Concert repertoire

2018: Requiem by Fredrik Sixten2008: Te Profundis by Terje Bjørklund
2017: Messa di Gloria by Giacomo Puccini2007: Chichester Psalms by Leonard Bernstein
2016: Te Deum by Ludvig Nielsen2006: Barakah by Tom Brevik
2015: Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart2005: Duomo by Egil Kapstad
2014: Requiem by Kim André Arnesen2004: Requiem by John Rutter
2013: Forklädd Gud by Lars-Erik Larsson2003: Mass in B by J.N. Hummel
2011: Psalms, Songs, Proverbs and Words by Trygve Brøske2003: Psalm 138 by Knut Nystedt
2010: Listen Lord A Prayer by Eva Ødmann-Moe2002: Te Deum by Ludvig Nielsen
2009: Requiem by Erlend Skomsvoll2002: Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Choir mission

The Nidaros Cathedral Boys Choir is an autonomous and independent institution linked to Nidarosdomen. The choir’s mission is to:

• Promote good church music

• Provide its members insight into church music, culture and liturgical life

• Promote good behavior and fellowship among our members

• Have a strong foundation at the Nidaros Cathedral through participation in religious services as well as other church affairs and concerts

• Through training, keep the artistic quality at a high international level, so that the choir can represent the Cathedral, Trondheim and Norway in a good way.

• Maintain a solid and future-oriented economy that ensures healthy operations and a good basis for artistic development